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8 Letters is the debut full-length studio album by Why Don't We released on August 31, 2018, through Atlantic and Warner Records.


The album was supported by the three singles "Hooked," "Talk," and the title-track "8 Letters."[1][2]

"Hooked" was released on June 7, 2018.

"Talk" was released on July 6, 2018.

"8 Letters" was released on August 9, 2018.

Critical reception

Professional ratings
Review scores
Rolling Stone2/Template:Plural
The Musical Hype3/Template:Plural

8 Letters has generated mixed reviews. Elias Leight of Rolling Stone has rated it two out of five stars, remarking, "feels aimless, like a series of genre exercises hastily thrown together."[3] On The Musical Hype, it was more positive, awarding it three stars, and described the record as "enjoyable and "respectable."[4] Chris Deville has been much more critical, writing, "shiny assembly line pop are sometimes painfully adolescent in terms of subject matter," and concludes, "Boy bands have always needed a gimmick to get across. As gimmicks go, a group seeking to become the next dominant boy band could do a lot worse than "the band with the best fucking songs.""[5]

Track listing

8 Letters – Standard edition
1."8 Letters"Abrim Tilmon, James Abrahart, Jonny Price, Jordan K. Johnson, Marcus Lomax, Stefan JohnsonJonny Price, Katouzzion, The Monsters & Strangerz3:10
2."Talk"Carl Lehmann, Louis Schoorl, W. DarlingCarl Lehmann, Schoorl, Darling3:10
3."Choose"Charles Hinshaw, Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavey, Hue Strother, Jack Avery, Jonah Marais, Mick Schultz, Zach HerronSchultz2:53
4."In Too Deep"Candice Pillay, Ingrid Andress, Jonas Jeberg, Troy JohnsonCandice Pillay, Ingrid Andress, Jonas Jeberg, R8DIO3:14
5."Friends"Iain James, Daniel Davidsen, Ed Drewett, Mich Hansen, Peter WallevikCutfather, PhD3:34
6."Hard"Schultz, Mozella, Sam HookMoZella, Schultz, Hook3:16
7."Hooked"Jacob Manson, Phil PlestedManson, Plested3:24
8."Can't You See"Why Don't We, Schultz, HinshawSchultz3:34
Total length:26:15
8 Letters – Deluxe edition
9."Trust Fund Baby"Ed Sheeran, Fred GibsonSteve Mac3:16
10."Hooked" (Borgeous remix)Manson, PlestedManson, Borgeous3:13
11."8 Letters" (R3hab remix)Abrahart, Price, K. Johnson, Lomax, S. JohnsonThe Monsters and the Strangerz, R3hab2:12
Total length:34:36
Japanese edition bonus tracks
9."Trust Fund Baby"Sheeran, GibsonMac3:05
10."These Girls"Manson, PlestedManson, Borgeous2:49
11."Something Different"Pillay, T. JohnsonR8DIO2:42
Total length:34:51
Japanese limited edition bonus DVD
1."Trust Fund Baby" (music video)Jason Koenig 
2."Hooked" (music video)Éli Sokhn 
3."Something Different" (music video)Logan Paul 
4."These Girls" (music video)Sokhn, Paul 
5."Talk" (music video)Sokhn 


Chart Peak position
Australian Albums (ARIA)[6] 10
Belgian Albums (Ultratop Flanders)[7] 21
Canadian Albums (Billboard)[8] 15
Dutch Albums (Album Top 100)[9] 17
Norwegian Albums (VG-lista)[10] 38
UK Albums (OCC)[11] 25
US Billboard 200[12] 9



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