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A Why Don't We Christmas is the first-ever Christmas as well as fifth chronologically released EP that the band Why Don't We released on November 23, 2017. Their 2016 single "You and Me at Christmas" was included as well as their 2017 leading track, "Kiss You This Christmas", which was released two days earlier.

Track Listing

A Why Don't We Christmas track listing
1."Kiss You This Christmas"Candice Pillay · Troy JohnsonSignature Entertainment, LLC2:45
2."Hey Good Lookin'"Corbyn Besson · Daniel Seavey · Jack Avery · Jonah Marais · Zach HerronSignature2:08
3."Merry Little Christmas"Ralph Blane · Hugh MartinSignature2:29
4."You and Me at Christmas"Pillay · Thomas Steven Miller · Besson · Seavey · Avery · Marais · HerronR8DIO2:38
5."Silent Night"Joseph MohrSignature1:22
Total length:10:42