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This article is about the tour. You may be looking for the EP or the song.

Invitation Tour is Why Don't We's third headline tour that was announced on October 4, 2017.[1] It began on February 27, 2018 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and concluded on August 31, 2018 in Sydney, Australia.



  1. "Air of the Night (Smooth Step)"
  2. "On My Way"
  3. "Tell Me"
  4. "Just to See You Smile"
  5. "Free"
  6. Mashup - "Shape of You", "Gucci Gang"
  7. "We the Party"
  8. "All My Love"
  9. "Why Don't We Just"
  10. "Invitation"
  11. "Nobody Gotta Know"
  12. "Made For"
  13. "Words I Didn't Say"
  14. "Never Know"
  15. "Boomerang"
  16. "Something Different"
  17. "Taking You"
  18. "These Girls"
  19. "Trust Fund Baby"

Tour Dates[]



  • The Invitation Tour in Hong Kong was cancelled, due to Corbyn's infection in his throat, which was advised by his surgeon not to leave the counttry.[2]
  • Zach discolated his knee in the Stockholm, Sweden show but continued to perform after.[3]