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This article is about the fandom name / meet and greet. You may be looking for the book, Why Don't We: In the Limelight.
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A Limelight is the term used to describe a fan of Why Don't We. Limelights is the official fandom name. Fans named themselves with the hashtag #WeAreLimelights and the name stuck. The idea originated from the band's first debut single, "Taking You", with its first line, "I need you in my life like limelight." They were nominated in 2018 for "Best Fan Army" for iHeartRadio Music Awards. The band also introduced "limelight", a special backstage meet and greet for fans.


Limelight is a noun that means "the focus of public attention".[1]


  • @SeaveyDaniel: "Limelight’s are a force to be reckoned with man"[2]
  • @JonahMarais: "i swear, limelights run twitter."[3]
  • @SeaveyDaniel: "Limelight’s. I wanna meet them all. Love them."[4]
  • @jackaverymusic: "words can’t even describe how amazing tonight was. Limelight’s will always be the fans that go the hardest. Much love x"[5]
  • @corbynbesson: "you guys got nominated for #BestFanArmy and y’all really are. go vote for yourselves cuz you deserve this! #iHeartAwards #Limelights"[6]
  • @JonahMarais: "limelights are the best."[7]


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