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The Good Times and The Bad Ones is the sophomore full-length studio album by Why Don't We, released on January 15, 2021, through Atlantic and Warner Records.[1] It is their first album where it was primarily done by the band, involved in the writing process.


With the band taking a break from social media in 2020, they returned with new upcoming music that they all were creatively involved with, aiming for a new approach with their music.


"Fallin' (Adrenaline)" was released on September 29, 2020. It was their first piece of music in 2020.

"Lotus Inn" was released on December 4, 2020 as the second single.

"Slow Down" was released on December 17, 2020, as the third single.

Critical reception

Professional ratings
Review scores
Atwood Magazine(favourable)
Riff Magazine5/Template:Plural
The Red LedgerC+

The Good Times and The Bad Ones has met mixed reviews. Matt Collar of AllMusic commented on it "somewhat more low-key than the group's debut," though added the group's progress in "deepening pop maturity."[2] Sara London of Riff Magazine was more critical, stating, "While they do a solid job of integrating their songs into the thematic elements brought to the table by the samples, it seems more like they're siphoning the aura of others rather than creating their own." However, she marked it as a "passably amusing album," and concluded on the potential for the group, "Why Don't We could hone in their best qualities and throw the derivative filler in the garbage."[3] The Red Ledger was more negative in its review, stating their "lack-luster lyrics," though acknowledged "it definitely isn't a hard listen."[4]


  • Only Zach Herron does not have writing credits on the LP.
  • A podcast was dropped a few months after the release of the album, where they would talk about the songs and inspiration behind it.




Track listing

The Good Times and The Bad Ones – Standard edition
1."Fallin' (Adrenaline)"Christo Homem, Corbyn Besson, Cydel Young, Daniel Seavey, Derrick Watkins, Elon Rutberg, Jonah Marais, Kanye West, Malik Jones, Michael Dean, Noah Goldstein, Sakiya Sandifer, Thomas Banglater, Wasalu JacoSeavey, Jaycen Joshua3:36
2."Slow Down"Billy Corgan, Besson, Seavey, MaraisSeavey, Joshua3:08
3."Lotus Inn"Seavey, MaraisSeavey, Joshua3:15
4."Be Myself"SeaveySeavey, Joshua3:33
5."Love Song"Seavey2:32 
6."Grey"Seavey, Marais 4:38
7."For You"Besson, Seavey, MaraisSkrillex3:22
8."I'll Be Okay"Seavey, Marais 3:22
9."Look at Me"Besson, Seavey, Marais, Jack Avery 1:57
10."Stay"Seavey, MaraisTimbaland2:47
Total length:32:12