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Why Don't We (abbreviated as WDW) is a five-piece American boy band (often called "man band") assembled on September 27, 2016. It consists of members Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery, Jonah Marais, and Zach Herron, all of whom had solo careers prior to forming the group and met through social media events and shows. When all were together in Los Angeles, the thought "why don't we make a band?" came to be.[1]

They have been named as Radio Disney's "Next Big Thing" in 2017. In 2018, they were nominated for MTV’s Push Artist of the Year. They have hit #1 on iTunes, been covered by Billboard, Rolling Stone, Forbes, TIME, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, and more, headlined a sold-out tour, performed at Madison Square Garden, and played alongside artists such as Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Camila Cabello, The Chainsmokers, Logic, and Zedd at Jingle Balls in eleven major cities. Their fans are named Limelights.



Jon Lucero, the tour manager who ran Brave Fest, initially contacted Avery, Marais, Besson and Herron to fly out to Los Angeles and perform for the well-known group manager David Loeffler with his business partner Randy Phillips. However, something was missing, and Avery messaged Seavey to also fly down. Once Daniel arrived and performed with the four, the band was set.[2] The group originally formed on September 27, 2016, and announced it the next day through their YouTube account.

On October 7, 2016, the group released their debut single "Taking You" a track from their debut EP, Only the Beginning, which was released on November 25th of the same year.

In 2017, they embarked on their Taking You Tour. That same year, their four EPs, Something Different (April 21), Why Don't We Just (June 2), Invitation (September 26) and A Why Don't We Christmas (November 23) were released and they finished their Something Different Tour around the United States. Another single, "These Girls" was released on August 29, 2017.


In 2018 they went on their third headlining tour, the Invitation Tour in support of their fourth EP. Their first studio album, 8 Letters, was released on August 31, 2018. Their headlining tour for the album began in March 2019. They released a song for each month in 2019: "Big Plans", "Cold In LA", "I Don't Belong In This Club", "Don't Change", "Unbelievable", "Come To Brazil", "I Still Do", "What Am I", "Mad at You", "With You This Christmas", and "Chills."

The group took an 8-month-long hiatus during the start of 2020. They released a new single "Fallin'" (later renamed "Fallin' (Adrenaline) to avoid confusion with a previous song) on September 29, 2020. Fallin'(Adrenaline) had a drum sample from Kanye West and Slow Down had a music sample from "1979" by the Smashing Pumpkins. It was the first single off of their sophomore album "The Good Times and The Bad Ones". On December 4th of the same year, the band released the second single off of that album, "Lotus Inn." On December 9, the band surprise-dropped their third single called "Slow Down." On January 15, 2021, the band dropped their sophomore album The Good Times and the Bad Ones. It was a ten-track album featuring Fallin', Slow Down, and Lotus Inn. The album was in the top 10 albums on billboard within a week. By January 24, they had secured the number 3 spot. On January 27, the album reached number one on the billboard chart, a new record for the band.


Artistry and musical influences[]

In an interview, Seavey stated that their musical style has a mix of Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake and The Chainsmokers.[3] Their influences include Jon Bellion and Frank Ocean. They collectively list Ed Sheeran as their inspiration, who has helped written their single "Trust Fund Baby".[1] They also named Jaden Smith as an inspiration.[2]

Awards and nominations[]

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Since 2018, Why Don't We have been nominated for fifteen awards, winning one of them for "Choice Music Group" at the Teen Choice Awards.


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  • The first time they heard they were going to be on the radio, they were eating at a fancy Italian restaurant with their managers and sprinted back to the manager’s car to listen.[4]
  • They consider their sound to be urban and R&B.[5]
  • They spent a week together in LA and the idea of forming a band came to mind.[6]
  • 4/5 agreed that their mom is the person that they look up to, but Jonah said both of his parents, causing Daniel to reply that Jonah didn't really answer the question.[7]
  • All four collectively agree that they would switch hairstyles with Jonah.[7]
  • They went to Hawaii in May for last five days vacation before tour.
  • Jonah and Daniel recorded part of Lotus Inn in a hotel room with their mic hanging from a lamp.
  • They once said if they could collaborate with any artist it would be Ed Sheeran.[8]
  • Their favorite song to perform on the Taking You Tour, Zach "Nobody Gotta Know", Jack and Corbyn "Taking You", and Daniel and Jonah "Free".[9]
  • For Batman versus Spider-Man, only Zach thinks Batman would win while the rest of the band think it's Spider-Man.[9]
  • They've worn jeans with some of their song titles, "Hooked" and "Trust Fund Baby". "Rare Find" and "Smooth Charm" were also guessed to be future songs, but it was not.
  • Over an Instagram livestream on August 11, 2018, they jokingly made up lyrics to "Rare Find":

She's just a rare find
On a dirt road
She's just a rare find
She played my heart like a banjo
In Alabama
On a Saturday night
Anywhere that we can go
I rode my deer back home



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