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It was a huge sacrifice, but I had the chance to live my dream. I couldn't let that go or I'd always regret it.
— Zach Herron[src]

Zachary Dean "Zach" Herron (born May 27, 2001) is an American singer-songwriter and 1/5 of the band Why Don't We. He is the youngest member. He went viral with a video of him singing Shawn Mendes' song "Stitches" in January 2016, the video generating over 10 million views within a week. He was also selected as one of the youngest members of Septien Entertainment Group’s Master Select Program for the up-and-coming young artist.


Zachary Dean Herron was born in Dallas, Texas to Myta and Josh Herron on May 27, 2001, at 12:14 P.M.[1] He has two younger siblings: Ryan Herron (born March 2, 2004) and Reese Herron (born August 10, 2011).

He has been singing since he was young, usually entertaining guests and also performing magic tricks. When he was nine years old, he sang Justin Bieber's "Baby" at his cousin's wedding.[2] He grew up singing in choir, but didn't really like it, preferring to be solo.[3]

In sixth grade for his school's talent show, he sang his rendition of Bruno Mars' "When I Was Your Man".[4] In eighth grade he was voted "Most Talented" and during this period taught himself how to play the guitar and made covers, posting them over his Instagram and YouTube. His parents understood his interests in music and sent him to Septien Entertainment Group, a school which helps artists develop. He learned how to write and release his own music. This gave him the opportunity to perform at various venues, including Six Flags. When he was in his freshman year, a girl asked him to sing and he chose "Stitches” by Shawn Mendes, which went viral, the video attaining fifteen million views in a week. This helped gain more of an audience.

In January 2016, he dropped his debut single, "Timelapse", and noticed similar musicians like him going on social media tours, which inspired him to join. He contacted the management of Impact, who invited him to try an event, and flew down with his father to Indianapolis for his first-ever live show. Due to a positive response, Herron got to be on the official Impact Spring Break Tour. Continuing with the meet and greet tours around the United States, he dropped his second single "Why" in June 2016. Later that year in September, he joined the five-piece group, Why Don't We.

Musical style and influences

His parents encouraged him to pursue his musical career, as Herron started to post singing videos over his Instagram account. He named some of his musical inspirations to be Jon Bellion, Justin Bieber, and The Beatles.[5]


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  • Interviewer: "How much is 12 kilometres?"
    Zach: "Four miles!"[6]
  • "Just call it a plastic bowl, I don't know what Tupperware is."[7]
  • "Pickle, pickle, pickle my nickel."[8]
  • Interviewer: "Some of these people are skipping school."
    Zach (giving a thumbs up): "Good job."[9]
  • "Hola, cómo estás? La biblioteca." (English: "How are you? The library.")[10]
  • "Which member of the band would survive a zombie acopolypse?"[11]
  • "When people say 'boy band' people always think… they always get a bad impression of boy bands and I don't know why."[3]
  • "i really wanna know who's awful soul just likes to dislike good youtube videos for fun cause that's annoying"[12]


He has three known tattoos: The first is on his arm from the Sickboy Tattoo Studio in Montrose, Pennsylvania on July 25, 2018. The second is a cross on his hand. The third is on the back of his arms with "Past" and "Future" written on June 7, 2019.


  • His height is 5'9.
  • Before playing soccer and attending church camp, he was shy. As he ventured into his musical career, he was made fun of for gaining popularity online.[2]
  • In the first week they became a band, he pranked his band mates by taking and hiding their items.[13]
  • He used to take the longest to do his hair.[14]
  • The emoji he thinks that describes himself is the wink.[14]
  • He once dressed as a hot dog for Halloween.[15]
  • When writing down what word he said the most, his bandmates replied: "What?" (Corbyn), "Buy" (Jonah), "Poop" (Daniel), and "What the—" (Jack). Zach himself replied "Falp".[16]
  • He loves 80s music.[17]
  • The first song he learned on the guitar was Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud".[18]
  • His celebrity crush was Ariana Grande[19] but in later interviews states it is Emma Watson.[8]
  • What he looks for in a girl is if she smells good.[20]
  • By his bandmates, he is most likely to suggest that they should sleep in past noon and retake a group selfie.[19]
  • His go-to dating line is, "Are you a fart? 'Cause you just blew me away."
  • He played soccer for nine years.[21]
  • He once genuinely thought that Hola was Swedish.[21]
  • He didn't have a job before joining the band.[22]
  • He never burped in his life until August 2, 2018.[23][24]
  • In second grade he had a really big crush on a girl and on Valentine’s Day asked her to be his valentine, but she said no.[25]
  • His first kiss was in fifth grade on the playground. It was the last day of school and he was "kind of" dating her and a crowd gathered to watch them kiss. It didn't last long, though, the teachers intervening, and they both got in trouble.[25]
  • His personal motto is "Be you."[2]
  • His personal theme song is Justin Bieber's "Purpose".[2]
  • He likes watching funny YouTube videos.[2]
  • His favorite food is Dominoes pizza, with crunchy thin crust and beef with ranch dressing.[2]
  • His favorite home-cooked meal is his father's breakfast burritos.[2]
  • He doesn't like seafood.[2]
  • His biggest purchase is his Louis Vuitton backpack.[2]
  • His favorite holiday is Halloween.[2]
  • His dream vacation is The Bahamas.[2]
  • When he was seven he hit a curb when riding a motorized scooter and wore a cast over his nose for all of second grade.[2]
  • His biggest quirk is that he overthinks a lot.[2]
  • He names his number one fan to be his little sister, Reese.[2]
  • He doesn't like that he's pale.[2]
  • He doesn't like soda.[2]
  • He likes being scared.[2]
  • He's afraid of elevators, getting claustrophobic, and heights.[2]
    • Even though he's afraid of heights, he usually is the one doing height stunts like in the "Fallin' (Adrenaline)" music video, where he's seen jumping off a ladder.
  • He is very sentimental.[2]
  • He once said that he wants to be an ice cream truck driver one day.[2]
  • His favorite go-to snack is chips and salsa.[26]
  • Said by his bandmates, he is most likely to make a situation more awkward than it already is.[27]
  • If he wasn't a singer or part of a band, he would be a firefighter.


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